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HP Velotechnik
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Every day recumbent riders all over the world add thousands of miles riding experience to HP Velotechnic bicycles. HP Velotechnik bikes/trikes are widely regarded as the most durable recumbent bikes in the industry and have been battle-tested on long-distance tours in Africa, Asia, Russia, and North America.  The frames have a 10 year guarantee and can be upgraded for heavier riders. With additional components in their modular system of products, the comfortable recumbent bicyles and trikes can be tailored even better to any individual needs. Velocity Racers is a premium dealer of HP Velotechnic. Our retail shop currently has a few different models on display and the rest can be ordered upon request. The lead time for product delivery will usually be 4-6 weeks from Germany.

In Stock Now! 2290 EUR

Grasshopper FX (Folding)

Time for refreshing new aspects. The GrassHopper fx brings action into the cycle world. For a long time bike riding meant one thing: hump up and step downwards. The GrassHopper fx accelerates forward, suspends downwards – and folds to the side.... read more
2190 EUR


Gekko Fx (Folding Touring Trike)

Gekko fx: From compact size to maxi- mum riding pleasure in ten seconds.
Time for more enjoyment in life. With the agile Gekko fx touring trike, more than just your posture changes while cycling. From now on, treat yourself to luxurious comfort in the recum- bent seat and enjoy all the riding fun on three wheels...read more


2890 EUR


Scorpion Fx (Folding Trike-Rear Suspension)

This conveniently foldable touring trike has been designed by HP Velotechnik's engineers especially with the needs of commuters and touring cyclists in mind. The seat height of the Scorpion fx is noticeably higher and more upright compared to its more sporty fellow Scorpion, offering great outlook and a good view in traffic...... read more


3490 EUR


Scorpion FS (Folding Trike-Full Suspension)

With the Scorpion fs the roughest journey becomes an exhilarating ride. Pot holes, cobblestones, gravel roads: the condition of your way ahead can be shocking indeed. From now on you are going to look forward to ride those little sweet challenges. Once you want to leave the beaten track, you are in need of a quick responding suspension, perfect roadholding.... read more


On Display 2290 EUR

Speedmachine (Discounted Display Model Available)

The Speedmachine is faster, more efficient and more comfortable than you would ever have thought possible. It's an ergonomic machine dedicated to absolute speed. You have probably never ridden a bike this fast or this comfortable. In fact you probably assumed that gain meant pain. But the Speedmachine rewrites the rules... read more

In Stock Now! 2090 EUR

Streetmachine GTe (Discounted Display Model Available)

The Streetmachine has been designed to to create what is probably the best long distance touring bike you can buy. The ride is exhilarating - fast and controllable - yet you can carry enough gear for a world tour with minimum compromise to handling. The Streetmachine design has become.... read more
On Display 1790 EUR


Spirit (Discounted Display Model Available)

Step over the low frame, sit down and relax into the comfortable seat. Both feet rest easily on the ground. Your arms can grip the controls with no stress on the wrists, shoulders or back. You have a clear view of the road ahead and complete control of your braking. Between you and the road is an advanced full-suspension system and... read more


In Stock Now! 399 EUR


HP Streamer Fairing

Want to go faster, further and with less effort? Stay warm and dry in cold weather? A recumbent gives you a serious aerodynamic advantage, but you can get even more benefit by using a well designed front fairing.... read more


In Stock Now! Or Special Order


HP Suspension Forks, AirZound, & Accessories

HP Velotechnik brings the air horn AIRZOUND to Asia. For the urban city traffic or off-road-cycling - from downhill to recumbent race - it is an important safety accessory and an essential survival tool. Upgrade into comfort class: 20" suspension forks for recumbent bikes. A good suspension fork is essential for undisturbed driving pleasure since you can't just stand up from the saddle as with normal bicycles. For recumbents, a good suspension fork must combine fast action, adjustable spring tension preload and durable bushings with verry little play. Many More accessories.... read more




Bikes in Stock

Velocity Racers is closing down in 2013.

These are the last recumbents for sale in Asia.

Buyer pays shipping.

Contact sales@velocityracers.com if interested.

Paypal, Bank TT, Visa, Mastercard Accepted.



Various SRAM Components (New in Box)


Drivetrain components include SRAM Red cassettes and cranksets. 50% off MSRP